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Board Meeting Rescheduled

Tonight’s scheduled Board of Director’s meeting has been rescheduled for next week, Monday, May 10, 2021 at 6:30pm. We apologize in advanced to any member that had made plans to attend the meeting. Please join us next Monday to discuss any Association related topic.

ALERT!!! Suspicious Activity & Vandalism Reported

The Board of Directors have recently received reports of a transient man loitering in the Standard Pacific Homes section of the Amerige Heights Community. The male has been seen acting in an unusual manner, and has recently been described as potentially threatening residents in the area. This notice is an ALERT for residents in the area to be mindful of their surroundings and to take all precautions available to stay safe. Should you see a person who matches this description, or any person acting suspiciously, please report to Fullerton PD immediately.

Often times, residents fail to report petty crimes to PD, thinking that some acts of vandalism are “too small” to report to the police.  This is certainly not the case, according to local law enforcement. The local police department is tasked with protecting law-abiding citizens from criminal activity. Crime prevention is important; equally important is that criminals face consequences for their actions. This can only be accomplished through resident reports to the proper authorities. Police can only respond to crimes that are reported, and they utilize reports from residents to potentially increase patrol in high-crime areas.   At minimum, timely reporting can allow the police to increase presence in the area to protect your neighbors and prevent your location from being hit again.

Unfortunately, even with taking precaution, there is no guarantee that burglary or other crime will not occur. It is always important to be aware of your surroundings and to report suspicious activity. Suspicious activity can be anything that seems unusual, such as: people lurking around homes, hiding from passing traffic, or trying to open/unlock doors or windows. Call 911 immediately if you are witness to any of the aforementioned activity. “See something, say something!”

Our office has already alerted the Association patrol vendor and have asked that they make more frequent passes in this area. While this communication is sent to residents as a courtesy on behalf of the Board of Directors, please be reminded that owners are ultimately responsible for their own personal safety and belongings. While increased vigilance on behalf of patrol may potentially deter crime, the police department is the appropriate point of contact should you encounter a crime in progress.

Board Meeting Rescheduled

Tonight’s scheduled Board of Director’s meeting has been rescheduled for next week, Monday, March 1, 2021 at 6:30pm. We apologize in advanced to any member that had made plans to attend the meeting. Please join us next Monday to discuss any Association related topic.

Office Closed for Thanksgiving Holiday

To celebrate the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday, our office will be closed on Thursday, November 26th and Friday November 27th. If you need to report an emergency maintenance item, please call us at (800) 400-2284 to be routed to an emergency on-call representative that can assist you. Our normal office hours will resume on Monday, November 30th. Happy Thanksgiving Day!

Clubhouse Renovations

As you may be aware, the clubhouse facility remains closed for reservations due to the “no social gathering” restrictions. The Board has taken advantage of this time, and has contracted LMZ’s Perfect Finish to complete renovations at the clubhouse that will keep the clubhouse closed for at least another 7-8 weeks. Upon completion of the project, The Board will discuss the re-opening of the facility and continue to keep the membership updated.

Tree Removal Project – Holcomb Park

Please be aware that The Arbor Group has been contracted to remove the Tipuana Trees surrounding Holcomb Park. The trees continue to cause damage to the parkway areas, lifting concrete sidewalks, and damaging the streets. A start date for the project will be provided at a later date, however signs will be posted on Thatcher and Christie, for those residents living near the park. Please honor all safety cones and barricades during the project. Stay tuned for additional updates.

Turf Renovations – Ward and McGarvey Streets

Please be aware that Park West Landscape has been contracted to renovate the parkway turf along the streets of Ward and McGarvey. It’s our understanding that the work may have already started, so please honor all safety cones and barricades during the project.

Tree Trimming – Update

Tree trimming continues throughout the Association. There were several sections that had to be skipped, due to vehicles not moving and ignoring the signs posted. However, The Arbor Group plans to return to these sections and moving forward, the Board has authorized Patrol One to begin to tow the vehicles that continue to ignore the signs. Please note if signs are posted along the street and your vehicle is not moved, the vehicle will be subject to tow and the vehicle owner’s expense.

Exterior Homeowner Lights at Cal Atlantic Homes (previously known as Standard Pacific)

We continue to receive reports that many lights at the new Cal Atlantic Homes are out.  Please note that the lights attached to your property are a homeowner responsibility. Please have the photocells inspected regularly and replace the light bulbs when they are out. Well-lit streets have proven to deter crime and prevent accidents relating to safety.

Annual Tree Trimming Services

The tree trimming maintenance service has been scheduled. The Arbor Group will start the tree trimming the week of October 12th, and expects to be completed by mid-December. Please look out for all safety cones and walkway barricades during the project. For any questions, please contact Community Manager Eddie Tovar at

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