Community Crime and Break-Ins

Posted By on January 24, 2024

Management continues to receive periodic reports related to crime and activity that requires Fullerton Police Department intervention. It has come to our attention that some owners may believe that the homeowners association is the proper entity to assist residents with criminal activity. Unfortunately, this is not the case. We always strongly recommend that owners submit these reports to Fullerton PD, as matters related to theft, break-ins, and all other crimes that affect our community’s sense of security falls within the jurisdiction of the police department. The Board understands and empathizes for your concerns as they too, are members of the community. In fact, a Board Member had their window broken into during the last board meeting. This should help illustrate that the Board is motivated, but simply not able to handle matters related to public safety – this is 100% a function of the police department.

Although the patrol service and the various neighborhood watch groups might help deter crime, they can only report a crime to the police department when they witness it, and they cannot make arrests. Please ALWAYS call 911 or the Fullerton Police Department first and foremost.  Although owners may be frustrated that the Homeowners’ Association does not have greater ability to intervene, this is simply not something that the CC&Rs (which define the Board’s authority) nor the law give the HOA authority to become involved with.  Simply put this means neither management nor the Board is able or authorized to intervene in police matters! As such, neither management nor the association can reasonably be expected to substitute for law enforcement, and hope that owners understand that they themselves are ultimately responsible for their own safety and belongings.

Owners are encouraged to do the simple things like maintain their home lights and park in their garage, as well as more involved things like attend city council meetings, schedule to meet with the local police department, and consider participating in the Neighborhood Watch Committees (which are not related to or affiliated with the Amerige Heights Community Associations). If you are interested, management can give you the contact information for a local neighborhood watch committee (not affiliated with Amerige Heights Community Association) to join forces and support your neighbors. Please be assured that the Board only can do (and has done) what is within their limited authority – the Board Members have contacted PD time and time again over the years, have sent newsletters/eblasts reminding owners to be vigilant, have met with the Police Chief, have joined Neighborhood Watch Programs, and have encouraged owners to report crime to police. The Board members have the same responsibility and resources as you; the Board does not have more or less authority on issues related to crime than you, as a homeowner. While we welcome reports of your experiences, we ask that you not direct your frustration towards Management or the Board, and that you evalute expectations regarding the limited resources that the HOA has in relation to police matters.

Finally, please remember that there is power in numbers! We urge you to contact the police if you are the victim of crime and use the non-emergency number if you want to report suspicious activity – the more reports that are submitted to PD, the more that they will allocate resources to help the homeowners in the community. We are hopeful that owner reports will cause the police department to allocate more resources to patrolling the community!  We are all in this together. 

Thank you.


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