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Office Closed for Memorial Day - May 28, 2018

In observance of Memorial Day, our office will be closed on Monday, May 28th. If you need to report an emergency maintenance issue in the Association’s common area, please call us at (800) 400-2284 to be routed to an emergency on-call representative that can assist you. Our normal office hours will resume on Tuesday, May 29th.

Have a Happy and Safe Memorial Day!


Internet Service Update - PLEASE READ

Fibersphere will soon be upgrading the internet equipment throughout the community to allow for faster internet speeds. Below is a message from Fibersphere that will assist with the community project. Please also note that a representative from Fibersphere will be attending the Board meeting on Tuesday, May 29, 2018 at 6:30pm to discuss the process in detail and answer any of your questions or concerns. Please stop by the Clubhouse and join us at the meeting!

Hello Amerige Heights Residents!

Starting May 29th, Fibersphere will be installing a brand new, state-of-the-art internet network in your community. The new system will provide faster internet speeds and much higher levels of reliability for years to come. In order to complete this free upgrade and deliver the higher speeds, the fiber modem inside your home will need to be replaced with new equipment. We plan on completing the entire neighborhood upgrade by July 1st.

The upgrade process will be completed street by street on specific dates, in order to allow our team to finish the installation work as quickly as possible. You will receive a door hanger approximately 7-10 business days prior to your install date, which will have a link to our appointment scheduling website. You will also receive an email from your Association with the scheduling link as well, (to be provided shortly). Enter the schedule link address into your internet browser and you will be prompted to schedule an appointment on the date of your installation. The appointment windows will be either 10am-2pm, or 4pm-8pm. Please select the appointment slot you prefer, and you will be prompted to enter in your contact information.

On the day of installation, our team will be removing the old network equipment serving your neighborhood and installing the new fiber equipment. Your internet service will go down at approximately 10am. A technician will arrive during the appointed time slot you selected, and will be removing the old fiber modem from your telecom box and installing the new unit. This work will take approximately 15 minutes to complete. Once the new fiber modem is installed and activated, your internet service will be restored immediately. The current internet plan at Amerige Heights provides speeds of 30mbps download and 10mbps upload. After the installation, your internet speeds will be symmetrical 100mbps. 45 days after we complete the installation of the neighborhood, we will begin offering the option for residents to upgrade to Gigabit service (1,000 mbps) for an additional $40 per month. There will be no additional cost for the installation, and no increase in your HOA dues for the standard 100/100mbps speed.

Your home’s wireless router can have a great impact on the actual speeds you experience after receiving the new service. If your current router is older than 3 years, we recommend purchasing and installing a new router prior to the installation so that you will be able to experience the full benefit of the new network right away. Our most commonly recommended routers are form TP-Link, who make several models capable of providing extremely high speeds at a reasonable rate. Due to the rapid deployment and full schedule on installation days, our technicians will not be able to install routers at the time of fiber modem replacement. You may either pre-install your new modem, or set an appointment to have a technician perform this work after the neighborhood upgrade has been completed.

We at Fibersphere are committed to constantly improving the service we deliver to Amerige Heights, and are looking forward to building you a network that will deliver the highest quality internet service available anywhere for years to come.

Update: Parking for Talmadge Section of Amerige Heights

Concerns have been expressed by homeowners residing on Stein-Strauss, and the west end streets of Root, Evans and Simon Streets regarding overnight parking by non-Amerige Heights residents who are parking on private streets by McClanahan Park and surrounding streets. The meeting on Saturday, April 28th is to present a possible approach that may rectify the parking concerns and is a follow up of March’s meeting.

The final decision outcome may affect homeowners living within the Talmadge Homes boundary, therefore your attendance is recommended. This meeting from 0900-1100 and will start promptly at 9 AM at the Amerige Heights Clubhouse.

Spring Family Picnic - Saturday, May 5, 2018

Come join your neighbors and enjoy the day with food, drinks, games, and many other fun surprises on Saturday, May 5, 2018 from 11:00am to 2:00pm at the Amerige Heights Clubhouse. Since it’s a picnic setting, please bring your chairs and blankets for your family to sit at the park. Attendance is free, but we ask that you please pick-up your tickets at the Clubhouse so we have an idea of how many of our residents might be attending. Management is at the Clubhouse on Wednesdays from 1 p.m. to 5 p.m. and Fridays from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. Don’t miss out on another great community event! See flyer for additional information.

Spring Event Flyer.Revised

Internet Service Update

Fibersphere will soon be upgrading the internet equipment throughout the community to allow for faster internet speeds. Some of you may have already received scheduling notices or hang-tags directly from Fibersphere. Management is still working with Fibersphere to create a comprehensive plan/time table for all resident upgrades. As soon as the complete plan is available, Management will share it with the community.

Clubhouse Office Hours Closed, March 23rd

The Clubhouse office will be closed on Friday, March 23rd. If you need any assistance, please call us at (800) 400-2284 or email the Community Manger, Eddie Tovar, at The normal Clubhouse office hours will resume on Wednesday, March 28th from 1pm to 5pm.

Board of Directors Meeting on March 26, 2018 has been Cancelled

The Amerige Heights Community Association Board of Directors meeting scheduled for March 26, 2018 has been cancelled due to a lack of quorum. The meeting has been rescheduled to Monday, April 16, 2018 at 6:30pm at the Amerige Heights Clubhouse, 2051 Hughes Drive, Fullerton.

We apologize in advanced for any inconvenience.

Clubhouse Office Closed, March 16th

The Clubhouse office will be closed on Friday, March 16th. If you need any assistance, please call us at (800) 400-2284 or email the Community Manger, Eddie Tovar, at The normal Clubhouse office hours will resume on Wednesday, March 21st from 1pm to 5pm.

Internet Service Update!

Over the past couple of weeks, Management has received an extra number of calls regarding the internet service and Fibersphere. Management has reached out to Fibersphere to get an update on the ongoing issues regarding the speeds, the IP address change and incorrect geographic information. The following is an explanation Management received from Fibersphere that should help clarify some of these issues:

On February 26th, an internet service provider maliciously attacked Fibersphere’s California network by providing false information to one of the main US companies that maintains IP ownership records, with the clear intent of completely taking down our service. The impact of this activity threatened to block the Fibersphere IP addresses for all residents of Amerige Heights. We immediately began legal proceedings to attempt to halt this action, and were forced to purchase new IP addresses on the open market that we could deploy quickly to make sure your internet service continued to function. The temporary restraining order we filed on the 27th was unsuccessful, and on March 2nd we issued the new IP addresses to Amerige Heights residents to ensure that the service would not be interrupted. Unfortunately, as we rolled out the new IP addresses to another of our neighborhoods in Northern California, their main head-end equipment became overwhelmed and experienced a catastrophic failure. This led to Fibersphere having to deploy a large team to travel to Sacramento to replace the head-end equipment and swap out modems in nearly 1,000 homes over the course of 5 days. The resulting influx of calls and emails from customers impacted by the outage totally swamped our tech support line, leading to extremely long hold times, disconnections, and the inability to respond to customer issues in a timely fashion. We are returning to normal call volumes, and you can anticipate better service as we repair the damage done by this massive system failure

Over the last week, we also began receiving feedback from customers that web traffic was reflecting incorrect geographic information, leading to issues with streaming providers and other secure websites. Though we followed the proper procedures to update the main geo-location database services when we purchased the IP addresses, some websites and streaming providers do not update their own geo-location databases frequently, and are still reflecting inaccurate information. Fibersphere staff has been working with these providers to attempt to get them to update their records, but it has proven to be difficult to have that work completed as quickly as we would like. This issue will resolve itself soon, and we are in fact seeing daily improvements as more and more websites and providers perform their database updates.

We understand the frustration and headaches this has caused for you and your neighbors. Our goal is to deliver internet service that allows you to access all the content you want, and the unusual circumstances under which we had to issue the new IP’s has prevented some of you from being able to do that. We are working diligently on our end to get your service back to normal, so we can re-focus on rolling out new equipment and speed upgrades to your community. We greatly appreciate your patience and understanding as we get closer to a resolution.  For any internet service issues, please contact Fibersphere at (714) 923-0035 or via online form at

PLEASE READ: Internet Service Outage 3/2/18 from 2pm to 6pm

Management received the following announcement from Fibersphere regarding your internet service today:

Fibersphere has been notified that we will have to change the IP addresses we currently use to deliver service to Amerige Heights, due to an ownership dispute filed by another internet provider. We will be performing the switch-over between 2pm and 6pm on March 2nd. When the switch-over takes place, your internet will go down and you will need to power cycle your wireless router by unplugging it from power for 20 seconds, and plugging it back in. Service should be restored after the reboot.

The IP addresses we are issuing are owned by us and are registered as US address. We have noticed a few database discrepancies that list the addresses as being located in Canada, however we have updated those databases and they will be corrected shortly. You may see some location information being incorrect for the next few days, but it should not impact your ability to use the internet or stream videos.

If your service is not restored after your equipment reboot, please call Fibersphere at 714-923-0035 or reach out to us on our online contact form.

Thank you for your understanding, we apologize for the brief outage you will experience but will work to get you back online quickly.

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