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Upcoming Board Meetings

October 30th, 2017

Amerige Heights Clubhouse, 2051 Hughes Dr, Fullerton, CA 92833

6:30 PM


Note: Agendas are posted 4 days prior to the meeting date under the Association page.

September 2017 Newsletter

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Amerige Heights Clubhouse & Tennis Courts Grand Opening

   Grand Opening

Management Office Hours at the Clubhouse

We would like to announce that Action Property Management is now onsite on Wednesday and Friday for your Management services. The office hours are listed below for your reference. We encourage you to visit whenever possible for assistance with any maintenance requests, tennis court FOB pick-up, report/discuss non-compliance matters, inquire on Clubhouse reservations, or pay HOA assessments.

Wednesday 1:00pm - 5:00pm
Friday 9:00am - 1:00pm

Legacy House at Amerige Heights

The name honors those individuals who played an important part in forming the City as well as residents who provided significant contributions to Fullerton.  The interior of the clubhouse features historical photos including pre-Amerige Heights property images.  On the exterior of the Clubhouse at Hughes Drive and Begovich Street, there is a display of wall plaques each representing an individual to whom a street in our community is named.


Should you wish to reserve the Clubhouse for an event, please contact Action Property Management at (800) 400-2284.  For additional details, press on the Association tab above and go to How to Reserve the Clubhouse.





   We have been receiving comments about people speeding through our community. Please slow down and remind your friends to do the same! Life is precious. We all need to work together to ensure a safe community.

   Always be sure and lock your car and don’t leave valuables in plain sight. We need to be pro-active in preventing car break-ins.

Trash Containers
   Trash containers must be put away within 12 hours of trash collection. They cannot be stored on the driveway, the front/side yard landscape area, or in front of a side yard gate. Please put your trash cans out the night before the cheduled pick-up and return them to your garage or side yard on the same day the pick-up occurs.

Pet Courtesy
   While in the common area, pets are to be kept on a leash at all times. We all love our pets and Amerige Heights is a great community for our furry friends. Unfortunately, some residents are not as courteous as is required to be neighborly, and therefore, create nuisance situations such as allowing dogs off their leash and allowing the pets to soil their neighbors’ property and common area. These are clearly the responsibility of the pet owner and abiding by the pet rules in the community will not only promote a better relationship with your neighbors, but will protect the health and safety of the animals as well.

Portable Basketball Hoops
   While portable basketball hoops are allowed in the community, they are not permitted to remain on the driveway or in view of the common area when not in use. The Association recently sent reminders to residents with hoops left in their driveways. Please be considerate of your neighbors, and put them away when your game is over.

Security Company
   For your peace of mind, we want you to know Patrol One Security patrols the community five days a week for seven hours each night. They also patrol certain hours during the day.

Remember, YOU are the real eyes and ears of the community. When you see a crime in progress or someone is injured, immediately call 911. For non-emergencies, reports on break-ins, vandalism, robberies, stolen vehicles, egging of cars, etc., reports can be made to the Fullerton PD Desk Officer 714-738-6715.

Amerige Heights is not a private/gated community. Our streets and parks are open to the public. We all need to do our part, along with our police and city government, to insure Amerige Heights always remains safe!

Water Restriction Information

Water Restrictions Lifted

In April 2017, Governor Brown ended California’s drought state of emergency in most of California. Though the state of emergency has ceased in most of California, the City of Fullerton is hopeful residents continue to make conservation a way of life.

Your Board of Directors continues to work with our Landscaper, Park West, to determine the best water conserving plant materials and irrigation systems to install when plant replacements are required.  A good example of recent conservation planning involved the tree replacement project on Northam Drive.  Mature trees needed to be removed along the street because roots were uplifting sidewalks and breaking drain lines.  Trees with less invasive roots, along with root barrier material were installed.  When it was time to re-install the grass, Park West proposed installation of a more efficient irrigation system as well as a drought tolerant grass called Paspalum that is new to this region.  Take a drive along Northam to see the new grass which is slowly being introduced to Southern California. 


Please note that the City still prohibits the following regarding water use:

·         Water runoff from landscaped areas into adjoining streets, sidewalks or other paved areas due to incorrectly directed or incorrectly maintained sprinklers or excessive watering

·         Clean, fill, or maintain levels with potable water in decorative fountains, or other similar aesthetic structures, unless the water is part of a recirculating system

·         Washing motor vehicles, trailers, boats, and other types of mobile equipment with hose not equipped with a positive shutoff nozzle for quick rinses

·         Hosing off paved surfaces such as sidewalks, driveways and parking areas, except as required for health and safety purposes

·         Outdoor watering of turf areas and other landscape areas with potable water during and within 48 hours after measurable rainfall.



Our community is now approximately 10 years old, as a Board we want to ensure the neighborhood of Amerige Heights maintains its appeal and beauty by ensuring homes are maintained and always looking their best. Several areas of wrought iron fencing and railings are in need of maintenance painting. The paint for the wrought iron fence and railings is Valspar, Semi-gloss exterior, Capital Green. To maintain the esthetic integrity of the community it is important that the fence painting occur within a reasonable amount of time of your neighbors since, in some cases, the fencing runs along multiple homes.

Thank you for your assistance in keeping Amerige Heights beautiful!

Property Management

Eddie Tovar

Community Manager

Email: etovar@actionlife.com

Phone: (949) 450-0202 or (800) 400-2284

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