Amerige Heights Internet Update

Posted By on September 12, 2022

The Amerige Heights internet project has been progressing well and is now transitioning from the construction phase to the in-home installation phase.

The construction teams have one more week of underground fiber work to complete. At the same time, they are going through the community and remediating any concrete, asphalt, grass or plants that were affected during the construction. The 811 utility markings are also being removed throughout the community.  Their final step will be a thorough cleaning of all the HOA streets.

As the construction phase is winding down, the in-home installation phase will begin the week of September 26th.  Residents in Zone 1 will receive a call within  the next week from the installation team to schedule their appointment.  Appointments will be available Monday to Saturday between 8am – 5pm and will take approximately 2 hours to complete inside and outside of your home    The current Fibersphere network will not be touched during this appointment and will still be active in your home for a limited number of months until the transition to GigabitNow is completed.

During the past few months, many residents have been requesting specialized network wiring and extenders for their homes.  GigabitNow is able to offer these optional services and equipment for an additional cost outside of the HOA provided internet service.  For residents interested in a more customized setup, these new options will further enhance the internet experience in your home.  

The website is currently being updated with these new options. Residents can add these when they are scheduling their installation appointment.  The website will also have a tentative schedule of when installations will start in each Zone.

For residents that have not yet enrolled in the new service, please do so immediately, otherwise you will be scheduled at the end of the transition and will face delays. Click here to enroll.

If you have any general questions about the project, please contact the Amerige Heights Internet Committee at or 213-260-9569.

Appointment specific questions can be addressed after your Zone has been opened up for appointments and a representative has contacted you.


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